July 14, 2008

J/105 San Francisco Bay Sail Testing

Post #6Masquerade USA-111 showing upwind speed with Ullman Sails SF Main and Hvy Jib
July 14 & 15, 2008: San Francisco, CA

Ullman Sails Newport Beach arrived at St. Francis Yacht Club for a two day sail testing session that was held in perfect conditions! Tom Coates' J/105 Masquerade USA-111 and John Horsch's J/105 Rhymenocerous USA-581 were rigged and ready Friday afternoon. Many thanks to both Tom and John for having their boats available and in perfect condition for our testing.

Chris Perkins (from Good Timin and Masquerade) helped with our StFYC coordination, thank you Chris!

Our testing used sails from Ullman Sails, North and Quantum. The goal was to check the new Ullman Sails SF Main (v4) and the SF Hvy Jib (v3) against the current competitive sails in San Francisco. The results were great and very promising for Ullman Sails customers gearing up for the 2008 J/105 NA's at StFYC in late August, 2008.
Day 1 Crew: John Horsch, Chris Perkins, Rob Cooper, Brent Vaughan, Henry Brown, Bruce Cooper, Ben Lakin, Josh from J/World
Establishing a base line to test the new Ullman Sails proved successful with Masquerade and Rhymenocerous testing North against Quantum on Friday.

Day 2 crew: John Horsch, Mike Kennedy, Rob Cooper, Henry Brown, Howard Bentley, Joe Andresen, Kaersten Hill, Courtney Smith, Bruce Cooper, Josh Butler, Kevin Sullivan, Ben Lakin, Steve from Mike's work.

Saturday testing provided excellent results for the new Ullman Sails Hvy Jib, the new jib never lost a testing session.

USA-581 won every heat with the new Ullman sail and USA-111 won every heat using the new Ullman Sails Hvy Jib, beating the North Jib that dominated Friday against the Quantum Jib!

To reset for our upwind main and jib testing, we sailed downwind with the Ullman Sails AP spinnaker and the Ullman Sails RUN spinnaker. In the couple of downwind sessions, we found the Ullman Sails RUN spinnaker was easier to rotate and expose maximum area when we were deep running without any speed change. Both crews were amazed that there was another Ullman Sails spinnaker that would out sail the hugely successful Ullman Sails AP spinnaker! The RUN spinnaker has been taking it's fair share of trophies this year in SoCal Fleet Eight racing!

We will be expecting great results at the 2008 NA's this summer!

Masquerade USA-111 flying a Ullman Sails RUN Spinnaker during SF Sail Testing
Breeze USA-120 flying a Ullman Sails RUN spinnaker during the 2007 BBS

For a look at the J/105 SF Sail Testing results: please click here:

Thank you again for the SF boats and all the sailors who helped make this a very successful sail testing weekend from the J/105 Team from Ullman Sails Newport Beach!

Please contact Ullman Sails if you have any questions about sail testing or your J/105 sail needs.