November 18, 2008

J/80 Fall Sail Testing - Texas Style!

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Corpus Christi, Texas

Max Skelly and Charlie Ogletree from Ullman Sails just finished a three day sail testing (spinnakers) session in Texas. Thanks to Glenn Dardin and Bruno Pasquinelli for use of their boats and crew members Dave Muskgrove, Scott Cheney, Blake Billman, Kevin Core, Joe, Mark Foster and Paul Bregenzer for sailing and having such a great session.
The upwind sails were Ullman Sails World Championship designs that Glenn used to win the 2006 Worlds and Bruno used to win the 2008 North Americans. Focus for this session was spinnakers, conditions could not of been better. Ullman Sails tested their design against North and Quantum spinnakers with the final concluson; if you want to win, get Ullman Sails on your J/80!

-click here- for J/80 Fall Sail Testing Pictures
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Ullman Sails does regular sail testing in the most competitive one design classes, the J/80 is truely one of the most competitive classes! -click here- for J/105 sail testing in San Francisco.

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