August 12, 2009

100% perfect Martin 242 North American's

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Marina del Rey, CA

California Yacht Club hosted the 2009 Martin 242 North American's last weekend with three days of racing. This was the first NA's in Southern California and had 23 boats vying for the NA Champion title. Mike George and his very talented crew won their second consecutive North American Championship. Mike thinks he won his second M242 NA because he had a secret advantage of extra speed and pointing with his stellar Ullman Sails, but he raced against 22 other boats that all sailed with 100% Ullman Sails as well! Mike was not winning this year's NA's until after the last race! The Martin 242 fleet locally and regionally definitely show what good one design racing is all about!
Yumio Dornberg, who finished second overall, raced beautifully all series and sailed in the lead most of the regatta. He led the regatta going into the last day of racing being chased by Mike George and his father in law Brack Duker. Brack Duker did have one more secret weapon from Ullman Sails that none of the other competitors had, he had Dave Ullman crewing for him! Brack and Dave and crew finished third overall.

Congratulations and thank you to all the racers who warmed up at Thursday's Ullman Sails start clinic and to all the competitors who made the 2009 Martin 242 North American's a 100% perfect regatta!!