August 17, 2009

2009 Sabot Junior Nationals

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Alamitos Bay, CA

The Sabot Junior Nationals were sailed in Alamitos Bay this year and hosted by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club. All over Southern California, each Yacht Club junior summer sailing programs has elimination series to qualify their sailors to compete at the Nationals. This is a very big deal for the up and coming sailors and definitely a testing ground for the seasoned racers. The list of young sailors that have won the Sabot Junior Nationals is impressive, this year another sailor using Ullman Sails joined that elite group.
This year's winner of the Championship Gold Flight is Conner Kelter from NHYC.
The SF-1 model powered Conner to victory and was the most popular sail sailed with at this year's nationals!
Sailors from the Gold Flight winner's podium with Ullman Sails:
1st Place- Conner Kelter - NHYC
2nd Place- Kate Rakelly - MBYC
5th Place- Robert Rice - ABYC
6th Place- Riley Gibbs -ABYC
7th Place- Georgie Ryan - SDYC
8th Place- Jimmy Madigan - NHYC
9th Place- Judge Ryan - SDYC (winner from 2008)

Sailors from the Silver Flight winner's podium with Ullman Sails:
1st Place- Charlie Welsh - NHYC
2nd Place- Brandon Ludgate - BCYC
3rd Place- Zack Downing - SDYC