October 12, 2009

NOSA - 14 Mile Bank Race

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Newport Beach, CA

The brochure for NOSA 14 mile bank race calls for a short upwind leg, a long head sail reach to the 14 mile bank buoy and then a long spinnaker reach back to Newport Beach. Well, sometimes the race does not match the brochure. This year, the NOSA racers were challenged with a close reach to the "R-4" red buoy and then a 12 mile beat to the 14 mile bank buoy! The promising westerly breeze never filled in; the breeze slowly shifted to the South and dropped to under 10 knots. Keeping the boat speed up in the dying breeze was key to finising well.Ullman Sails customers sailed fast and to victory in 2 of 3 classes. The Richley family, sailing the Choate 48 "Amante" defended their first place finish in Class B. Also defending their first place in Class C was Brian and Betsey Dougherty's J/105 "Legacy".
Keys to winning speed on "Amante" and "Legacy":
1. Ullman Sails Carbon GPL- Fiberpath Upwind sails
2. Ullman Sails .5oz symmetric and asymmetric spinnakers