December 14, 2010

Ullman's Bruce Cooper Talks J-105 Sails with Fleet 6

Bruce Cooper, the J-105 specialist at Ullman Sails, is a long-time innovator in the class. He's worked for Ullman for more than 25 years and in 2006 purchased the Newport Beach & Long Beach Ullman Sails franchises. During his sailmaking career, he's developed skills that range from handwork to running the plotter to designing. Although Bruce has raced in virtually every type of sailboat, he has a soft spot for the J-105. The home page of his Newport Beach loft's web site ( features a 105 blasting through the Southern California surf. This dedication to the class has paid off: Ullman Sails rule 105 racing in Southern California. An interview with Bruce (conducted via email) follows:

Question: Is there really that much room for improvement left in the design of J105 sails? The class has been around for 20 years now. Surely everything has been tried before. No?
Answer: There is always room for improvement. I have been sailing J-105s for over 14 years and have seen much of the refinement with the sails, rig tuning and how we sail the boats change in that time. I explain to customers that the sail making world makes about 95% the same sail compared to each other. Virtually all racing sails are limited to size, weight and rigging considerations. So, in essence we all have the same canvas to create our master piece on. It's what the sail maker does in the last 5% that separates good designs and top quality sails with a back of the pack sails..... Read on at the
J-105 Fleet 6 Website!!