January 26, 2011

The Ullman Sails Inshore Championship (USIC) started in 2005 as the premiere series in PHRF racing in Southern California. Encompassing the four biggest and best regattas in Southern California, the USIC links class rating breaks and handicaps between all the regattas. Each regatta scores its own champion, with every boat’s regatta finish position carrying to the USIC and is calculated with their finish position at the next regatta.

The goal of the USIC is to have three high competitive classes; The Fast 50+ Class, the Fast 40 Class and the Sport/Sprit Boat Class crown a season champion who has the lowest score after the completion of all four regattas. The USIC has no throw outs, so participation at each regatta is a must!

The USIC uses PHRF Buoy Handicaps established by PHRF of Southern California but uses Time on Time Scoring (ToT) instead of the traditional Time on Distance Scoring. The ToT Scoring creates a balance between boats with large handicap deltas within a class to score better against each other in a variety of wind conditions. This format has been gaining great acceptance among the grand prix racers at the USIC.