July 27, 2011

Ullman Sails Offshore Series #4: Santa Barbara to King Harbor

The final stop in the Ullman Sails Offshore Series is slated for this weekend when 86 boats take off in the annual Santa Barbara to King Harbor Race.  Three races have been completed and the standings are very tight especially in the overall Elapsed and Corrected categories.  Bien Roulee is the small boat in the top 5 and have a chance for the overall in both areas.  With most of the big boys still coming back from Hawaii it will be a perfect year for them to take top honors.  They are also leading the 30-39ft class with Alpha Papa right on their heels.

Buoy Weather is predicting great conditions for Friday afternoon and should be decent as the sun drops below the horizon for the dreaded night fight into King Harbor.

Make sure you stick around for the trophy presentation as Ullman Sails will be handing out awards in all categories.

Each boat size has a chance for a trophy this year as Ullman Sails have created individual classes based on over length of the boat.  This will continue next year so get your 20-30ft boat out there and join in the fun and challenging conditions that the Offshore Series brings to Southern California.