January 10, 2012

Custom Axis Laminate

Custom Axis Laminate (CAL) the Future in Cruising

High performance at Dacron prices
Tue, 25th Aug 2009
By Chuck Skewes

Custom Axis Laminate (CAL)  the Future in Cruising:
Custom Axis Laminate Sails are exceeding all expectations.  The CAL Sails use Vectran Primary and Secondary load bearing threads, and Polyester fill threads, laminated between two durable light weight woven Dacron covers.  This gives the Vectran 100% U.V. protection and makes a very strong low stretch sail that gives any boat extra performance.
The Process uses a 7 layer lamination and an asymmetric thread layout.  The back of the sail has a different thread count than the front making the sail very low stretch and giving you the best performance.  These sails have the similar performance as our racing designs but are much more durable. The CAL Sails shape last about 40% longer than a Dacron sail as well.
Performance may not seam like an issue with cruising sails but performance is efficiency.  This means less healing, less weather helm, a wider wind range with the same sails, and easier to handle boat.  This not only makes your cruising more enjoyable but makes it much safer by not having to leave the cockpit as much for reefing and having more control of the boat in higher winds.
The value in these sails is extremely high.  Vectran Cruising Laminate sails are generally 30%-60% more than Dacron Sails.  The CAL Sails are very close to the same price.  Once customers try these sails they can not understand why everyone does not have them.