July 19, 2012

Ullman Powered 'NAOS 30' reports from the Double Handed Pacific Cup

Race Report from Charly and Fred aboard “Naos 30″ our First 30:
We spent the night in a doldrum (absolutely no wind), the night was cold and endless with the added pressure that we were both feeling a little sea sick. We had a few sail changes during the night. This morning the wind has transitioned from yesterday’s south wind to the northerly.

Today the barometer is climbing, the air temperature still low, currently wind is at 9 – 10 knots, but the weather is still overcast and cold. We fly the full main and code 0, soon we will be set up the A2 spinnaker. It is a good omen for a spinnaker run to Hawaii. We crossed a cargo-ship with no AIS signal, not really friendly coming from a pro (you can tell by Charly’s face in this photo).

Fred and I both feel better after the long night and we had an opportunity to clean up the boat and the deck – another day ahead of us and the sunny Hawaii skies keep us going.
- Rahan and Erwan