October 10, 2012

"MisQue" Reports from Santa Monica Bay

"The Pac Cup concluded this past weekend and we are proud to announce won our class in a new series and took home the re-deeded perpetual.  Three (RLC) Santa Monica Bay Tours made up the series.

Wife, Lea (in red top in pic), and I thought it would be cool to get our boat name "MisQue"  first on the (new) old Perpetual.  So we put together a good crew:  Some new to the boat, (Tom on left in award pic attached) is a Melges 30 sailor/owner, Robert Plant (Still Crazy Hobie 33) did the first one and our recent addition on the bow, Nick.  We added a newbie for weight on this last race (Patrick-w/cap in the picture) and we ripped Cody off of a Melges 32 (Blond dude trimming jib in boat pic).  Yes we sailed with 6 people and it helped on the beats & reaches.

Between our Ullman inventory (used exclusively to clinch the series!) and a good crew, we crushed.

Doncha love it when a plan comes together?


Congratulations to the entire MisQue team!  MisQue is powered by Ullman Sails FiberPath series.