March 4, 2013

BCYC Ocean Race #4

The wind conditions started with 3-5 knots out of the West with a long 10 mile beat to Oil Island Emmy.  The breeze stayed very consistent and was stronger on the beach.   Enough better that several boats were sternly warned by the Hunington beach Lifeguards about getting too close to the surfers.   The breeze built slightly as we neared the oil island and upon rounding we saw a nice Asymmetrical reach with specs of 6.5 to 7kn.

Unfortunately as quick as the wind built it dies away leaving the entire fleet fighting to make the last 4 miles.    In the end 3 boats finished before the time limit expired - Wild Thing, Cirrus and TNT.   For us on Zero to 60 we were having a great race and as the time limit expired we were in
line to be the 5th boat to finish.   Unfortunately the time limit did run
out.   It was still a great day on the water and allowed for a lot of fun
for my crew of Stacy Pomeroy, Cole Pomeroy and Toby Jackson.  

By Karl Pomeroy