June 27, 2013


Newport Beach, California USA, June 26, 2013 – One of the oldest and most respected brands in sailmaking has joined forces with Jannie Reuvers Sails, one of the largest and most technologically advanced sail and membrane production lofts in the world. This powerful alliance adds new Ullman Sails locations in South Africa including a major sail manufacturing facility and a state-of-the-art membrane plant in Cape Town, a specialized one design loft in Durban, and a sales and service facility in Johannesburg. Sailors from small boats to super yachts now have access to a larger network of Ullman Sails locations along with the same premium sail products and specialized services that Ullman Sails customers have come to expect.

“This is a very strategic move for both Ullman Sails and Jannie Reuvers Sails,” said Ullman Sails President and founder David Ullman. “For the last 45 years we have developed a successful global network of sail lofts that serve the sailing community founded on high quality sails and personalized service. We now have over 80 locations in 31 countries. Working with Jan Reuvers and his talented team moves Ullman Sails forward, giving our group a cutting-edge manufacturing facility and access to a wealth of accumulated expertise.”

In addition to the new lofts and specialized sales and production team, a group of investors that includes Jan Reuvers has purchased ownership of Ullman Sails International, Inc. (USI), the licensing company of the Ullman Sails group. The licensing company owns and manages the Ullman Sails brand. All Ullman Sails lofts are independently owned and operated. The current USI leadership will remain in place with David Ullman continuing in his role as President and Head Designer, and Kelly Buchan as Vice President and General Manager. Ullman Sails International has also appointed Craig Millar to Vice President of Business Development.

“The timing of this move was ideal for both companies and the synergy between us and Ullman Sails is ideal,” said Jan Reuvers, who along with his wife Belinda founded Jannie Reuvers Sails and built it to one of the largest sail production companies in the world. “I have long admired Dave Ullman for his integrity and sailing talent and so I am thrilled to be investing in a brand that carries his name. Our production facilities are geared toward global production – we have built over 80,000 sails - and working within the Ullman Sails network gives us the broad reach we have been working toward for the last decade.”

Editor’s notes:
The Ullman Sails group was founded in 1967 and has invested in the performance of its customers from Olympic one design racing to large racing and cruising yachts for over 45 years. With over 80 locations in 31 countries worldwide, the brand is recognized for its high quality sails, excellent customer service and long standing investment in local sailing communities. The Ullman Sails group is made up of independently owned businesses that benefit from the collaboration of a worldwide network of experienced sailmakers, top designers and elite sailors.
Jan Reuvers owns and operates three production facilities in South Africa including a major racing, cruising and super yacht sail production loft and a state-of-the-art membrane plant in Cape Town, and a one design production loft in Durban. His facilities employ over 120 people many of whom have been with the company from the beginning. With 35 years of sailmaking experience, Jan is recognized in the industry for his legendary work ethic and dedication to quality production.