July 8, 2013

Transpac 2013

After two years of preparations the 2013 edition of the Transpac Yacht Race starts today.  Divisions 7 & 8 head out from Los Angeles in what is scheduled to be 10-14 knts of wind from the west. 

Ullman Sails is well represented in this year’s race as we have helped prep numerous boats throughout the large fleet.  Ullman Sails Newport Beach team member Erik Shampain is on board the SC-50 ‘Horizon’ and Keith Magnussen (myself) will be on the J-125 ‘West Coast Warrior.’  Both boats are prepped and ready for the Thursday start.  Ullman Sails Long Beach will be represented by Bryan Dair who is starting today on the Jeanneau 44 ‘Sleeper.’  Sleeper (pictured on the left) is participating in their first Transpac Race and is excited to be involved in 2013.   Bob Hayward’s Seastream 650 ‘Manatea’ is leaving today with a full set of Ullman Sails and a full time cook!  That will be a little different than what we will be eating on the J-125!

The preparations began two years ago for these boats and everything culminates when the boats leave the dock at the legendary Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach California.  Ullman Sails are heavily involved in each of these boats and have been consulting on sails, systems, personnel and just about every other aspect of racing across the Pacific Ocean. 
Horizon (pictured left) is the veteran boat having won their class in the last edition and done the voyage many other times.  Owner, Jack Taylor, has spent years getting his boat up to the competitive level it is at and they are hoping for a  good fast race. 

We have spent the last few days on Warrior (pictured on the right)
looking at our spinnaker inventory and getting the last few bugs ironed out.  Greg Constable, who owns Warrior, is making his fourth crossing and first Transpac on his new boat.  We tested out the 3A and 4A in 20+kts of breeze yesterday and were very happy with what we saw.  All we have to do now is pray for J-125 weather and go fast!

With the advancements in communication there will be plenty of ways to stay in touch with what is happening on the racecourse.  Follow the boats on Yellowbrick tracking, Sleeper has their own FaceBook page, West Coast Warrior have a Blog and will be reporting via Sailing Anarchy as will Horizon.

Keith Magnussen
Ullman Sails Newport Beach