May 28, 2014

Micro Kat Sail Testing

Sometimes as sail-makers we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Here Erik Shampain and Keith Magnussen test out the new MicroKat that is billed as a junior sailing training boat.  Ullman Sails Newport Beach has been developing the sails and it was now time to do some testing.

Erik and Keith are not the optimum size but they both had nothing but good things to say.  Keith said, "They just take off in a the smallest puff and go.  They are stable, fast and fun!"  Erik also had nothing but praise for the boats, "This is the perfect boat for introducing a young person to sailing.  The cool factor is there and when Keith and I were racing each other we were even able to have a small tacking duel (which I won)."

Check out the pictures and contact Ullman Sails Newport Beach for more information.