May 9, 2014


 Last year in late June, Dave Ullman and Ullman Sails made a legacy move with the addition of a major state-of-the-art production sail loft in South Africa to our international group. Ullman Sails International, the licensing company that owns and manages the Ullman Sails brand, was also sold to a group of investors in South Africa, paving the way for some exciting changes in the Ullman Sails family.
Until that moment, Ullman Sails Newport Beach loft had been the largest loft in production and crew for over 45 years. I have worked for Dave and Ullman Sails since 1984 and watched the loft grow in size, products and market share. At the last International owners-managers meetings in 2012, the group discussed ways to expand the group as a major leader in sailmaking. I raised my hand and said, "we need a big boy loft solely dedicated to the Ullman Sails brand to get there, at the moment Ullman Sails Newport Beach is the biggest loft and that is only a fraction of what the group needs."
Well, it just so happens a huge production loft in South Africa was looking for a recognized brand fit its standard of quality and integrity. We were looking for them and they were looking for us! It is a real-life perfect business marriage.

The range, scope and size of boats and products that each Ullman Sails loft can now offer its customers has expanded for sails for mega yachts, blue water cruising, ultra Grand Prix racing and worldwide one design. 

This sounds like a commercial for Ullman Sails, but it is the point of my trip to Ullman Sails South Africa. The Ullman Sails Newport Beach loft supplements product for our customers with supplies and sails from the South Africa loft. I will research and master the full range of sails and supplies from the loft in Cape Town. The Ullman Sails Newport Beach Team has been using the strengths of our local loft and the diversity and range of the bigger South African loft to make sure we have the best sails and gear on your boat.
Stay tuned for updates this week, it should be fun!