November 7, 2014

Ullman Sail Chile | Melges 24 Annual Championship

Pablo Gallayas from Ullman Sails Chile gives a brief description of the Melges 24 Annual Championship.  
The 3 regattas of the past weekend are part of the annual championship that sums 30 regattas around the year. 

All the owners of the Melges 24 race with their families and friends around the year. Most of them have houses around the lake so everybody gets ready from their houses and go to the starting line about 15:30. 
Around this time of the day the South West winds that comes from the Pacific Ocean come up the Rapel Valley into the Lake Rapel so we can go sailing!! The wind starts almost every day at the same time.

We race 3 races with 11 boats. Wind was very shifty coming from the South West with an intensity of 8 to 12 Knots. It was fun but not easy to sail. In the afternoon the sailing day finished in the house of the Rubio's Family with a great barbecue. Meat and sausage where brought from the city of Chillan that's its famous for its sausages and meats.

This are the results from this weekend

1.- Magic Marine 1-2-1          4pts  Ullman
2.- Obsession 2-3-6             11pts  Ullman
3.- Conejo Racing 3-7-3       13pts
4.- Centurión 4-11-2             17pts
5.- Bufón 5-1-DNF                18 pts
6.- Wild Child 6-5-7               18pts  Ullman
7.- Ghost 7-4-8                     19pts   Ullman
8.- Arquigestión 9-10-4         23pts
9.- Dirtydog 10-9-5               24pts    Ullman
10.- Hualatos 8-8-DNF         28pts
11.- Swift 11-6-DNF              29pts    Ullman