December 22, 2014

Ullman Sails | Cruising Tips: Sail Handling & Maintenance

Sail maintenance is critical to making sure your sails will keep performing from season to season.
Over the 30 years of working at the Ullman Sails loft, I've seen too many sails that do not last as long as they should because of lack of basic maintenance. The better you take care of the sails and rigging, the better shape holding and longevity you will get in return.
Here is a link to the best ideas for your sail handling and sail maintenance:

*Sail Handling & Sail Maintenance

Remember, fresh water never hurt your sails! Lowering your sails during a sunny weekend and spray them with the hose to wash salt crystals off your cloth and stitching that can prematurely wear out your sail. This is also a good time to look over the sail for any visual chafe and sun damage that might be small now, but will surely turn into a big problem later!

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