January 22, 2015

Key West Race Week | Ullman Sails USA 32 Day 4 Report

Team USA 32 Representing California Yacht Club
Day 4 from Key West Race Week came with good breeze and an early seat to make up for the lack of sailing on Wednesday.  The drama from the big boats (Bella Mente hitting something) was the talk of the town and the climax of the J-70 fleet was imminent as they were three races scheduled for the day.  USA 32 was keen on getting out early to see what the racecourse was looking like.

When the breeze came in it was refreshing as it quickly built to a steady 10kts.  Racing was tight and the leader board started to get organized with a few different groups forming.

USA 32 has a mediocre day with two over early races really making things tough.  Flojito Y Cooperando won two of three races using their new Ullman Main and propelled themselves into third place.  The Italian contingent "Cali Network" have sailed very consistently and with the throughout they are sitting top of the leaderboard.

Keith Magnussen: "In the first race we were looking ok but did not stick to the game plan as we had in previous races.  As the clouds and systems came through before the start we tried to tune the rig accordingly.  We might have been a little behind but felt good when we found a lane."  I think that a little more time in the boat as a team will be really beneficial in the future as this is our first regatta in the boat.  I am super positive about tomorrow and know that this will be a success as I have learned a lot about the J-70 and more about big boat management."

Grek Koski:  "Over early can be very costly and it took us out of our game plan.  We were more prepared for the light air because that is what we practiced in and were a bit un prepared as the breeze came on."

Erik Shampain: "Today was hard. Again I learned the lesson "Stick to the game plan." On the first beat of race 1 we went against our pre race game plan and it hurt as we rounded the first mark very deep. Luckily with a little speed and clean crew work, we were able to climb into the 20's. The next two races were harder as we pulled the trigger early and were called OCS. With shorted legs and few passing lanes, we were only ably to climb to around mid fleet. But we're staying positive and looking forward to getting three races back in on tomorrows final day.

Doug Mclean: "Tough day on the water and I am still learning the boat.  Time and distance was critical and we obviously missed that on two starts.  Team was a little disappointed but we are upbeat and looking forward to tomorrow.  It is great to be out here representing California Yacht Club and the West Coast."