February 26, 2015

C & C 30 One Design | Ullman Sails

All Photos by Ray Campbell
The New C & C 30 One Design has been the talk of the town since Denison Yachts brought the first one to Southern California.  Ullman Sails Newport Beach was asked to be involved in the sail program and have been working hard to get the boat ready for her new owner (That's right this one has been sold already!). 

After having the chance to sail the boat a few times it was time to respond to the many people that are asking about the first impression.  

First of all the boat is beautiful and well thought out.  The layout makes it easy and efficient to sail and work on.  The halyard lock system is fantastic and worked well.  Be sure that your halyards have good splices in them or they will bind up in the lock.

Bruce Cooper setting up for a light air sail
The first sail was done in light air in Marina Del Rey California.  We had the rig loose and felt like the boat powered up fairly well.  Probably a little too tight on the lowers as we would have liked to see more mid mast sag.  In the puffs it was perfect but knowing the light lumpy conditions we would have been more aggressive on the rig in a racing situation.

Ullman Sails recently released the Carbon Phantom series and we were happy with the results.  The finish on the sail eases the glare and makes handling the headsails a little more friendly.  The floating lead on the jib gave us many variables and really allows the crew to shift gears easily.

As the breeze filled we loaded the rail with hikers and found that the boat powered up nicely in very little breeze.

The second day out saw wind in the mid teens.  This was the day everyone was waiting for.  We had a full crew and found the boat well balanced in the wind with the main twisted off.  We gave the jib some twist and had a great heel angle with the chine in the water doing it's thing.  As we turned downwind the boat finally got what it was meant for.  Easy to keep at 1.5-13kts of boatspeed and the puffs pushed the bow nicely as we hit close to 14.  You can see in the video below that is was easy to handle.

After a few times out on the boat our impression is that this is a fantastic boat for the 30 foot sport-boat range.  It is balanced, easy to sail and will get up and go. 

We are looking forward to a full schedule of point to point racing with the new owner.  While the class is developing on the West Coast he will continue to race his Viper 640 around the buoys.

More to come!