March 16, 2015

Dana Point Yacht Club's, DPS #5 | Ullman Sails

Heavy concentration in the light air, D. Swift trimming & K. Johnson helming CMC2.

Aliso Pier Race, a scheduled 17.1 mile race (shortened to 14.5 miles) had some dominant racing by the division winners and the spinnaker fleet sailing in light & patchy winds up the coast to "L" mark off the old Aliso Pier area and back down to under the headlands where the best winds of the day were.

The fleet heading up the coast was spread out about as much as it could be on a small part of the course, all searching for their own personal wind.  Some boats went far outside,some up the middle but best at finding the wind was Mike Luna's IMX-38, Showdown who put the pedal down and crushed the A-Class (and fleet) by staying closest to the beach up and back from the turn at L mark.  A very impressive performance, finishing first boat for boat.  Mike said after the race, "We just looked for the darker water (wind) and kept in it." Showdown uses Ullman Sails upwind sails, the winning combination to L mark were their Dacron Race Series Mainsail & Fiberpath GrandPrix Series Light/Medium genoa.
C&C 121 A
Apparently, Jeremy Quinton's Olson 30, Grey Goose, B-Class winner and David Zaveski's Santana 30/30, Schock Wave, C-Class winner had the same strategy by connecting the puffs around the racecourse. Both boats used 100% Ullman Sails for their victory's.

The Non-spinnaker boats sailed a 13.7 mile random leg course under the headlands where the winds got up to 10 knots from the W-NW. Using a Ullman Navigator Dacron mainsail & 155% CAL-Axis genoa on their Catalina 320, Trofina2, Anna & Ueli Scharer took 2nd place.  
C&C 121 Anasazi flying Carbon GPL Main & Genoa
By far the best winds of the day, up to 10 knots from the W-NW were on the South side of the course under the Dana Point headlands.

Kenny Cooper