April 28, 2015

Horizon Wins 2015 Newport To Ensenada Yacht Race | Ullman Sails

Santa Cruz 50 Horizon

Congratulations to John Schulze and the crew of the Santa Cruz 50 Horizon on their first in class and first overall finish in the 2015 Newport To Enseanda Yacht Race.  They battled it out in the largest class and recorded back to back overall victories in the tough race down the coast. Tactician Erik Shampain reports from the boat:
It was a tough one this year. 4 miles in the first 4 hours. I was pretty sure we weren't going to finish. Despite that feeling we stuck to the pre race plan of being among the outside boats. After dark there were some odd puffs and shifts. The crew was hot and ready for action while seemingly changing sails every few minutes. I was told that we packed the Code Zero 5 or 6 times. We got a few good puffs and were able to change sails faster then the boats around us. This let us squirt away and ride some big puffs longer then our competition. We sailed with 9 people and 6 on deck at all times at night. This let is change gears very fast in the difficult conditions. As we neared the Coronado's discovered the SC52 Relentless nearly 7 miles ahead inside the islands. My dad and navigator said not to worry and assured me the outside game plan would work. By dawn we had a big lead and simply stayed between the finish and Lucky Duck, another SC52. As we entered Ensenada bay, we could see the big boats becalmed along the edges of the bay. We found ourselves in the middle with a big puff and wind line that let us sail up to the Maxis, Sleds, and TP52s. With a few well timed gybes, we were able to keep the fast charging Stealth Chicken at bay for the boat for boat class win as well as the corrected time class win. Along with that the overall win came. Not bad for a race that I didn't think we were going to finish! It's always nice to see hard work paying off. We've worked hard on our sail program and we sail with a good core of sailors. John's been great and really trusting us. We are all ecstatic to be part of his great win. 4 big trophies.
-Presidents of the United States Trophy for best corrected time overall in PHRF.
-Tommy Bahama Trophy for best corrected time overall (All Boats).
-Governor of California Trophy for best time corrected in PHRF A.
-Best Corrected Member of a Newport beach yacht Club Trophy.

Picture of the start from Tamara Tatich

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