August 3, 2015

Transpac 2015 | Ullman Sails

The 2015 Transpacific Yacht Race is in the history books and the final boat has finished after a grueling 17 day crossing.  Everyone is safe, fed and trophies have been handed out.  Sailors were optimistic about the wind conditions given the El Nino effect and when the race finally started the wind God's forget to send the wind!

Some of the larger boats sailed further North than most can remember and some of the smaller boats got an E ticket ride straight to Hawaii.  Your starting date made all the difference as the various conditions dictated your trip.

Ullman Sails customers were represented heavily and we were proud to power boats of all shapes and sizes.

First time Transpac racer Steve Ginder told stories of eating steak and watching movies on his Jeanneau 45.2 while Viggo Torbensen on his J-125 was treated to freeze dried food.  A stark difference but both had an amazing race.
Steve Ginder and Crew enjoying a great meal half way to Hawaii

Ron Simonson was back for another trip on his boat Sleeper.  Sleeper placed second in Division 8 this year which is a follow up to his impressive performance in 2013.

In Division 7 Ullman powered boats placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Paul Stemler's J-44 led at times and ended up second when the times were tallied.  Close behind him was Drew Belk's Precept II who just took delivery of a Carbon Blast Reacher.

Division 6 was all about the boys on the Swan 651 Second Wind.  They won their division for the Cabo Race and did the same on Transpac.  The 100% Ullman powered boat has been lighting up the race course and they sail in style!

The Santa Cruz 50 & 52 bring their racing to Division 5 and the competition is fierce.  Ullman Sails has been well represented in this fleet for a long time and we are proud to have sails on these classic race boats.  John Schulze who recently purchased Horizon grabbed second spot after a battle for first with Allure.  Allure came out on top but only by 3 minutes!  What an amazing race that was.

Division 4 was home to the high powered 40 foot race boat.  Ullman members Keith Magnussen and Erik Shampain were both on J-125's.  Erik's Resolute beat out Keith who was on Viggo Torbensen's Timeshaver.... We are sure they will have something to talk about for the next few years!

Division 3 is the West Coast Sled division.  Long time racer and Ullman Sails customer Brak Duker brought his 70 back again for another shot at victory.  The tough division was won by Grand Illusion who are proving to be really tough to beat... for the past 10 years!
Bruce Cooper and his family before he set off for Hawaii

Bruce Cooper, USNB owner, was in Division 2 on board the TP-52 Destroyer.  The Saenz family boat placed second in the tough division!  Great job on their first outing in the race.  Ullman Sails also powered the TP52 Patches who placed third.

Congratulation to all the amazing sailors who made the voyage.  It is a passage of right and a lifelong memory that will forever stay with you.

Ullman Sails Newport Beach