January 25, 2016

Key West Race Week Wrap Up | C&C30 "Loco" Claims Third Place!

We came, we adventured, we sailed and we represented the LBC well.  Third place finish in a fleet packed with top level professionals and excellent amateurs was deemed a huge success for us on "Loco."

Ed Feo and our team worked seamlessly together over the course of the past week and we improved each day to become one of the most consistently sailed boats on the course.  Of course we had our moments with an over early and a foul at a weather mark when sitting in second place, but we recovered from those mistakes well to stay positive which is always important in a long regatta.

Erik Shampain, our tactician, played a huge role in boat preparation and on the water leadership.  The final day was tough and we had some work to do if we wanted to leapfrog "Bobsled" and capture a top three finish.  We were over early but chose the correct side of the course and immediately passed our competitors above us in the rankings.  The race was close until Bobsled shrimped their spinnaker behind us to essentially cost them the race and the bronze position on the podium.

The wind on the final day ranged from 17-25kts with a squall coming through at the end of the race to literally wipe out many of the boats in the various classes.  One Melges 24 lost their rig in the melee.   Dustin Durant and Ben Whealtey played their role well as trimming the boat in conditions was nothing short of difficult.  Downwind Dustin was key in keeping the boat upright and moving at pace down the course.

Of course on the bow, Cody Schlub, executed perfectly as Dave Millet backed him up in the pit.  It is always satisfying to see the team you helped put together work so well.

If someone would have told me that we had a chance for third I would have been skeptical, given the competition and talent, but we worked hard, practiced, had the right sails and continually went forward during the week.

Big thank you to Ed Feo for making this all happen and for working with myself and Ullman Sails Newport Beach.

Keith Magnussen