May 10, 2016

2016 William Berger and William Stein Race 3 –Pt Dume & Return | Ullman Sails Powers to Overall Win

Congratulations to Jerry and Lea Kaye's "MisQue" on their overall victory in the 2016 Pt Dume and Return Race.  They are pictured aboce and power their boat with a 100% Ullman Sails inventory.

Ullman Sails Powered Yachts Included:

 Division B
1st Place Duncan Cameraon "Trust Me"
2nd Place Jamie Myer "Wolfhound"
3rd Place Bryce Benjamin "Persistence"

Division C
1st Place Jerry & Lea Kaye "MisQue"
3rd Place Curt Johnson "Avet"

Cruiser A
2nd Place Ron Jacobs "Duchess"

Cruiser B
1st Place Samuel Cowan "Crossfire"