June 25, 2016

Ullman Sails LBRW | Day One Report

The annual Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week kicked off yesterday in fine fashion.  Fourteen different classes grace the Long Beach Sailing venue with the J-70 fleet calling the honors of largest fleet.  Ullman Sails is well represented in the J-70 fleet and Ullman Sails Newport Beach owner, Bruce Cooper, weighs in with his report after two races:

"After the first day of racing USA 32 was in fifth place overall with first place only five points ahead. Our takeaways from the day were trying to sail with the pressure was which meant on the left side of the course most the time and important to have the rig softened up slightly give you more speed in the average wind. We're looking forward to tomorrow with 3 races and a forecast for more wind. Race one started a normal fashion with a large fleet of 26 boats with the general recall. Forcing the race committee to raise the I flag to keep all anxious racers behind the line. The wind was 8 kn with small puffs to nine. J 70 USA 32 started left side and and and arrives at the first mark in fifth place. Halfway down the run we decided to gybe to give more us more opportunities at the gate which proved to be a big mistake! Getting to the gate in about 13th place. On the next windward mark the wind started to go left as the cloud cover came in early. USA 32 positioned left middle and started to crawl back towards the front with the left shift. At the next windward mark the top eight boats rounded cleanly and set spinnakers while the rest of us all battled for a finish in the top 10. Finishing 11th, we knew this would be a tough class to catch up if you have a bad mark rounding or tactical mistake.

Race 2 started with complete cloud cover and a 40° shift to the left making the pin and desirable for the large J70 the class. However, USA 32 started at the committee boat and quickly tacked to port tack to take advantage of the left shift at the start. Two thirds of the way up to the first buoy USA 32 tacked to starboard in slight right shift and was clearly crossing the fleet that started mid or left side of the start line. Rounding the mark in first place USA 32 set the spinnaker and led all the way to the gate taking the starboard buoy to come back out to the left shift. USA 32 led the fleet to the second mark until about 300 yards from the buoy where lesson number one of tacking on your competition and lead to the favored side is a must. USA 26 passed USA 32 150 yards from the windward mark. The top 5 boats defended their positions after the set with a long starboard leg, USA 32 gybed on the first puff, trying to put some pressure on the first place boat. After one more gybe, the boats converged at the finish line, with USA 26 finishing 3 boat lengths ahead of USA 32."

Ullman Powered Margartiaville
Great reporting from an uber competitive class.  The Fast 50 class is proving to be competitive and the top two TP 52's are battling is out.  FOX is narrowly ahead of Margaritaville with two days of racing to go.  We except some good stuff from this fleet!

PHRF A has a plethora of 30-40ft yachts and it is the Mexican Divorce leading the charge!  Second is the new J-111"Picosa."

Long time Ullman friend John Laun is proving fast in the J-120 fleet once again!  He powered to a 2,1 for the opening day to put his team one point ahead of the competitive "Jim."

PHRF B is a battle of the 30 footers with the classic J-35 "Rival" leading the way.  Ullman powered Tartan 101 "Mistral" is second and the J-105 "Off the Porch" third.  More tight racing coming their way!

Random Leg A sees a wide spread in ratings and the big boys got the better on race one.  Kenny Cooper on the Class 40 "Yippe Kai Yay" is looking for some more breeze so they can get up on the step and see what the girl can do.  Viggo Torbensen on the J-125 "Timeshaver" reported getting a plastic bag stuck on the sail drive, his team is hoping to avoid trash today!

Over on the Sportboat class Keith Magnussen is racing with team "Loco" on the C&C30 One Design.  Owner Ed Feo brought the boat back from the east coast for this event and they are sitting in third after two light air races.

More to come over the weekend and we are looking forward to some wind!