August 11, 2008

2008 SoCal PHRF Championships

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August 11, 2008
San Pedro, California

Ullman Sails customers took home loads of Gold, Silver and Bronze at the 2008 SoCal PHRF Championships held by Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club this last weekend. The racing both days was in medium breeze (10-18+ knots) and short W-L courses. Speed was key!!
In the big boat PHRF Class A, Oscar Krinsky's 1D-48 "CHAYAH" claimed Gold after a tie breaker against Alec Oberschmidt's RP-50 "STAGHOUND" who settled for Silver! Only one point behind was Tres Gordo Sailing's Andrews 50 "IT'S OK" claiming the Bronze. All sailed with Ullman Sails carbon mainsails and Ullman Sails asymmetric spinnakers!
Scoring the lowest class point total of any class for the weekend was Biff Bunny's Henderson 30 "POWERPOINT" who dominated the Sport Boat Class. Taking the Gold in this class, "POWERPOINT" sailed with 100% Ullman Sails including a new Carbon GPL#3 jib that was unbelievably fast according to Ullman Sails' Erik Shampain who was crewing with Biff and the boys. Chasing "POWERPOINT" was Matt Beattie's Henderson 30 "REACH AROUND" sailing with Ullman Sails asymmetric spinnakers for a Silver.
Class C was tight for the Gold and Silver, but Mick Shlens Express 37 "BLADE RUNNER" was top of the class sailing with Ullman Sails carbon GPL main and carbon/aramid headsails! John Snook's J-120 "JIM" took the Silver with Ullman Sails an asymmetric spinnaker.
Class D Silver went to Al Castillo's Choate 33 "HOT RUM" using a wicked fast aramid #3 headsail.

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