March 22, 2009

DP Series #5 - Race Roundup

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Dana Point, California

Code Zero's Crush Competition

Dana Point Yacht Club ran DP Series #5 this Saturday that ran racers up to "L" mark and back to "B", "C" and "A" marks. The wind was light and southerly which made for a close reach on port tack up the coast and a carbon copy back down the coast on starboard tack. PHRF "A" Class led the way to the first marks with the front boats from PHRF "B" Class pressing hard. Ralf Butz's C280 "Carerra" and Brian Dougherty's J-105 "Legacy" set code zero spinnakers early and cruised into the "A" Class. The code zero spinnaker was so dominant on these long legs that "Legacy" choose to tack the code zero spinnaker around "L" mark for the tight reach back to Dana Point! Kelp was definitely an obstacle for all racers, so keeping the blades clean was a must to place well. But, no matter how clean your blades were, the fleet could not hold back the charge of "Carerra" and "Legacy" with their code zero spinnakers attack. "Carerra" was paid dividends on flying their code zero spinnaker 100% of the leg to "L" mark and took 1st in Class "B" and 1st overall in fleet! "Legacy" followed right behind with a 2nd in Class "B" and 2nd overall in fleet!

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