July 17, 2010

Horizon First to Finish in 2010 Pacific Cup

as noted from the PacCup website:
Horizon, the Santa Cruz 50 from Dana Point, finished the 2010 Pacific Cup this evening at 22:01:39 Hawaii Standard Time. Skipper Jack Taylor and Navigator Jon Shampain and the crew brought the boat from the Golden Gate to Kaneohe Bay in 8 days eleven hours, forty-six minutes, and thirty-nine seconds. Their course, like most in their fleet, took them on a path well to the north of the usual one for this race.

"In the past, this course has been an abysmal failure," noted one race observer. This year however, unusually strong winds to the north paired with uncharacteristic light winds to the south made the uncommon path the one to victory. Horizon established an early lead and maintained it over the rest of the race. She also managed to avoid the array of petty and major breakages that affected other competitors.

Horizon benefited from an excellent program of preparation and attention to detail. Welcome Horizon!

check back soon for more wrap up from Horizon's and Ullman Sails' Erik Shampain! Way to go HORIZON!!