July 14, 2010

Reports from the Pacific. Erik Shampain, Ullman Sails Team Member reports from aboard the Santa Cruz 50, Horizon.

We awoke today after two very fast days of sailing under the new 4A spinnaker to find ourselves first in class and first overall for the third morning in a row. We are sailing this years Pacific Cup from San Francisco to Hawaii. We're currently in Day 5 of racing with 800 mile to go. It's been a fast race with winds speeds topping 30 knots and speeds reaching 24.4 knots! Today as winds lightened slightly and backed more, we gybed on the final approach to Hawaii and shifted to the new 2A. Our start day appears to have been a favorable one as we blasted out of the bay under #3 jib, shifted to the Heavy #1 Genoa and then on to the #2 Jib Top with a Genoa Staysail underneath it by the of day 2. Under the gloomy sky and backing wind of day 3 we set the 3A spinnaker. This was good for about 10 minutes and the crispy 4A went up quickly. This 'Work Horse' stayed the course and kept us 1 and 1 through today.

There has been plenty of carnage on the coarse and the immaculatey prepared Horizon keeps pressing on. Follow us, our progress, the race reports, updates, and tracking on the 2010 Pacific Cup website or our other race updates on SailingAnarchy.com.

Keep checking back for the wrap up when my laptop arrives in Hawaii!
Erik Shampain
Ullman Sails Newport Beach / Santa Ana
One Design Coordinator