January 14, 2011

Duncan Cameron's Soverell 33 "Trust Me" wins Malibu & Return Race, 1st in Class and 1st Overall.

Last Saturday I was fortunate to be on the winning crew of Duncan Cameron’s Soverell 33 “Trust Me” in Del Rey Yacht Club’s Malibu & Return Race. We were 1st in class and 1st overall in PHRF in this very well attended first race of the Berger/Stein Series. Unfortunately Duncan could not be with us that day because he was busy skiing in Canada. It was a pleasure to sail on a boat that is so meticulously prepared as Duncan’s. Last year with the help of Mike George he had the boat totally overhauled. The boat is beautiful and looks like it is brand new.

“Trust Me” was untouchable in the light shifty breeze that day. At the start we cleared the fleet on port tack and things just kept getting better for us from there. The new Ullman Sails were extremely quick and made our job pretty easy. Even our skipper Mike George was surprised at how quickly we left our class and sailed into the class ahead of us which had started fifteen minutes ahead of us. It seemed as if we were passing boats much newer and supposedly faster all day!

Mike got so used to blowing by any boat near us, that he became a little frustrated on the way back when we could not pass a certain trimaran on reach! I tried my best to convince him that multihulls can be fast too sometimes! He was relieved to later learn at the club that the certain trimaran was very well sailed and won the ORCA class.

All in all it was a fun day and I hope to get invited back on “Trust Me” very soon.

Thank you,
Kenny Dair