December 2, 2011

HydraNet Voyager Sails from Ullman Sails

Ullman Sails has a wide variety of cloths and constructions to cater to the specific use of each sailor in the world.  HydraNet is a woven Polyester/Spectra/Dyneema blend that makes a low stretch extremely durable and long lasting cloth.  Ullman Sails make the HydraNet sails in a radial configuration making the sails very strong and low stretch. 
 The HydraNet sails are ideal for blue water sailing and places with high temperatures and high humidity.  Since it is woven and not laminated the life of these sails is unmatched.
When you need strength and durability these sails are unmatched.  They are also a great for large Multi-Hulls, allowing more strength with less weight than most other options.  Call or contact Ullman Sails for more information on HydraNet for your boat.

By: C. Skewes