April 19, 2013

Free Summer Coaching from Ullman Sails Newport Beach

Are you ready for summer weekday racing?  Do you want to maximize your practice time and learn how to sail and race your boat better?  Well now is the perfect time and opportunity to take advantage of your yacht clubs weeknight racing by having a team member from Ullman Sails race on your boat.  This year Ullman Sails Newport Beach is offering up free coaching and consulting in and around the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.  

Most yacht clubs offer some kind of informal, fun-minded midweek racing program. This is a great way to learn the ropes in a low-key environment. Typically, the socializing afterward is as integral to the event as the racing itself, and beginners are almost always welcome.  

Our Goals: 

Introduce sailboat racing to those who are new in a positive, casual atmosphere
Encourage established and entry-level racing teams to streamline crew-work
Help experienced teams get to the next level with rig tuning, boat optimization & more!
Build team confidence for more competitive weekend races and regattas
Create an opportunity for sailors from area clubs to meet and mingle
Present a viable alternative to Wednesday night bowling


Any yacht in the Los Angeles or Orange County area is eligible.  Beginners, seasoned sailors, one-design racers are all elligable and we will make sure the right coach/pro is on your boat.

Getting Started

Simply call Ullman Sails Newport Beach 714-432-1860 or email coordinator Keith Magnussen Kmagnussen@ullmansails.com and ask about Ullman Sails 'Beer-Can Coaching Program' and we can schedule a date and coach to race with you!
Beer Can Racing is about having fun in a less intense competitive environment. You don't need a spinnaker or the latest, lightest hardware to join the fun! There are two sections of JAM (jib and main) and several spinnaker sections.

After the Race

After each race, the coach will give a short de-brief and answer any questions the skipper, owner or crew might have.

Call Ullman Sails Newport Beach today!!  714-432-1860