April 30, 2013

Round The Rocks Race Report

Don Carroll checks in from San Francisco on board his Express 27.....

On Saturday we sailed (double-handed) the Round the Rocks racea course of about 23 miles, that starts off the Olympic Circle near Berkeley. The course requires rounding Alcatraz to Starboard, Harding Rock Buoy to Starboard, and the Brothers to Starboard. on the return Red Rock is to Port, and the finish is an Olympic circle mark near the Berkeley marina. At the start, with the wind around 10-15K, we put up our new Ullman #3 jib. It looks great and performed extremely well with good point and speed. We were the first Express 27 to round Alcatraz and stayed in that position until the finish. Near the finish we changed to our #1 when the wind dropped to almost zero past Red Rock. Once out of the flat spot at Red Rock, the wind in the slot came in with a vengeance gusting up to 30 knots and a planing finish. Though overpowered, I was glad the #3 was not up since I want to prolong its usefulness. 

Thanks for the workmanship on our Ullman jib. 

Sincerely, Don Carroll