January 18, 2015

Key West Race Week Sunday Report | Ullman Sails

Key West Race Week
USA 32 Team "Latis Racing" has been in Key West since Thursday and are excited about day one of racing which starts tomorrow.  Doug Mclean, Erik Shampain, Greg Koski and Keith Magnussen have been spending a few days on the boat practicing and have taken the time to share some observations.

Erik Shampain at the Southern Most Point
Erik Shampain:  Today was a great day to warm up.  A large fleet was on the water and had a good chance to test their speed against rivals.  We are very happy with our boat speed and optimistic about chances to compete.

Greg Koski: It was a really good practice to work on the little things. We worked on down modes and up modes.  It was about the fine tune.  Downwind we managed our crew position in order to switch gears.

Doug Mclean: Time on the boat and sailing with a relatively new team is always crucial even when you race with experienced sailors.  I had the chance to experience a wide range of conditions which helped us pack a lot of transitioning into two days.  I am looking forward to the regatta and representing California Yacht Club.

Keith Magnussen:  We had a great practice today and had a chance to fine tune our crew work.  Key West is a unique venue with many challenges and I am looking forward to a competitive week of saddling.

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Key West Race Week Sunset Over The J-70 Course