January 6, 2015

"Trust Me" Malibu Return Overall Winner Reports | Ullman Sails

We had a fantastic day of sailing the Malibu and Return January 3, the first race of Del Rey Yacht Club’s Berger series.  The breeze was forecast to be light, but turned out to be just enough to complete the course just as the sun was setting on a crystal clear Southern California winter day.  After a brief postponement, the breeze filled in from the west.  We wanted to be at the pin end of the start line but got there too early and had to slide toward the Committee Boat end to avoid being over early.  This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because it caused us to put the bow down and go for speed to keep clear of the cluster of boats at the pin end.  Fortunately, I sail with smart people who encouraged me to stay on this low and fast course until well separated from the pack, who were probably sailing a bit higher and slower than they would have liked as they battled one another.  After that, it was a simple race; despite some shifts and light spots, we were able to sail straight to the windward mark, tack and set the A-kite, and sail right back down the rhumb line to the leeward mark.  One tack and one jibe.

We hadn’t quite completed a bottom job before the race, so the boat went in the water that morning with only a coat of primer and nice wet sand by the MG Marine guys.  I am not sure I want to do it this way every time, but the boat was slippery quick.  Our Ullman sails have a few seasons on them, but are apparently still plenty fast.  We were fortunate to place first in Class B, with the fastest corrected time of all PHRF classes.

Duncan Cameron
Soverell 33 "Trust Me"