February 22, 2011

MBYC Mid-Winters.... The Viper 640 Report

We experienced everything from 4-6 foot confused seas 1/2 mile off the beach to the billiard table flat water of inside Mission Bay.  For breeze, mostly light except for the beginning of the 3rd race when we had a 25+kt squall came through...  unfortunately it did not last long enough. ;)

We truly enjoyed the clinic on Viper sailing by Seattle's Chris Winnard.  He followed up on his convincing win at the ISAF regatta with strong dominance to put it mildly, with 6 bullets in 7 races and almost losing his boat in the other.  I'll let him elaborate, but he got hung up on the ground tackle of the starting pin and almost ended up on the beach with a 6+ storm swell.

Great crew work by new owner Jim Sears and my ever dependable Rachel Ellis.  Thanks again folks.  A big welcome to Kevin and Garrett Brown, the new owners of #38 and it did not take them anytime at all to learn how to get the boat around the course.  Now I will watch while they make the baby keel put on his big-boy pants.

Final results

1. Winnard
2. Brown/Brown
3. Carter
4. Vanheel
5. Young
6. Hill

Tim Carter